About us

The Canopy is a family run restaurant serving local and seasonal European food on regularly changing menus. We are located in the heart of Exeter.

We have a carefully chosen wine list and an interesting selection of drinks including the delicious czech Beer and Local Exeter Ales.

We look forward to welcoming you to The Canopy where you can enjoy good food and drink in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere.

Know more about us

The Canopy, Exeter

The instant curb appeal of this unusual and quirky restaurant sat on Exeter’s south street immediately got us excited as we made our way down the hill to the restaurant front… 


Stepping foot through the front door of Exeter’s The Canopy felt like stepping through the chalk painting in Mary Poppins… 

The Canopy

“Underneath the spreading chestnut tree, I loved him and he loved me,” goes the old song, which may or may not have been written in honour of the lovely old horse chestnut next to Exeter Cathedral… (pages 44-45)